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Website update over the next week with new products.
Welcome to the business web site of FWD Audio & Video, an Indiana, USA based merchant and production studio for Audiobooks and DVD Videos. We stock and warehouse what we sell, so no long waits for your order to be filled.

MP3 Audiobooks On CD

New Items added to our catalogs.
Audio CDs:
MP3 Audiobooks:
There is a FREE book download near the bottom of our MP3 Audio Book page, by Eddie Wooderson, called "How To Have Money". It is a Zip file and contains both a PDF and .Doc file of the best little book on how to help yourself financially.
We have added new MP3 Audio Books - The Food Of The Gods and How It Came To Earth by H.G. Wells: and The Girl From The Golden West. More will be added over the coming weeks. As with all of our MP3 audios, this is great for busy people, those with failing eyesight, limited reading ability, or those who travel a lot. MP3 audio is the wave of the future. they are usually cheaper than regular audio disks, it requires less of them than standard audio disks for large stories and often of higher audio quality. Find out how you can get some of these for FREE with another purchase, or buy them for a special low price. Free is good! and so are low prices. Buy any three movies or audiobooks priced at $10.00 or more each and when you check out from your shopping cart and you are asked to add a note, TELL US which MP3 audiobook priced at $10.00 or less, that you want for FREE!  Check back as we continue to add even more new items. Over the next three months we will be adding over 200 hundred more audiobooks to our site. And did we mention you could earn FREE MP3 Audio books?
New Movies On DVD:
We have just added a new movie, which we have a limited supply of called "Evil Aliens". It is a Science Fiction/Horror/Parody movie, great fun and entertaining. Only got a few copies, and not sure if we can get more when these are gone, so take a look at it on the Independent Movie page to the left of here.
Coming Soon!
2 great Silent movies! Pollyanna and W.C. Fields silent great, Sally of the Sawdust!

We are merchants of the following types of items: Science Fiction, Mystery and Horror Audiobooks on CD, Classic Silent SciFi, Horror, Adventure movies, and hard to find usually out of print movies & rare films from Independent film producers on DVD. Catch us live at a computer or Sci-Fi/Horror Convention and you will  find a large assortment of Old Time Radio programs on CD featuring the best in Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction, Mystery and Westerns. See our show schedule in our links to the left.

Not everything we sell will be listed here. Some items are in such small quantities, they are usually sold out at the end of any show we attend. You can email us and ask if it is still available.


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See you at the Computer Shows and Sci-Fi Conventions.

FWD Computing* P.O. Box 17* Mexico, IN * US * 46958